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Important information for the students who gave maths paper 2016 CBSE

Central Board of Secondary Education 
Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110 301 
Important Information

The CBSE class XII mathematics paper was held on 14th March 2016. The feedback received from various stakeholders including students, subject teachers, examiners will be placed before the committee of subject experts and the board will take remedial measures before evaluation.
Public Relations Officer

For Original Copy of this Notice Please refer to this site

It is really a happy time for all those students who gave maths paper on 14th march 2016 CBSE BOARD.


Computer Science syllabus of CBSE Board 2015-2016

We are here providing you the latest syllabus of computer science 2015-2016.
CLICK HERE and Grab it…

Mathematics syllabus of CBSE board 2015-2016

We are here to providing you the latest syllabus of chemistry 2016.
CLICK HERE and Grab it. . .  🙂

Chemistry syllabus of CBSE Board 2015-2016

We are here to providing you the latest syllabus of chemistry 2016.
CLICK HERE and Grab it. . .  🙂

Physics syllabus of CBSE Board 2015-2016

There were some topics which were deleted and some topics which was added previous year. .
So we are here providing you the latest syllabus of physics cbse board 2016.
Click here and grab it. . . 🙂

CBSE 2015 result………..class 12 and class 10

CBSE class 12th results are usually announced in last week of May or early June. The CBSE results are announced for the 12th standard examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Expected date is 20 March.

This time the CBSE 10th Results for 2015 will be announced on May 15. Students can be accessed it from many portals dedicated to the announcement of CBSE 10th results in 2015. The results are usually on a 10 point scale and a combination of the student’s performance in the school internal exams and the external boards. This year the CBSE 10th results will be of relevance to any student looking to decide on the stream to opt for in 2015.

BLUE PRINT | Marking Scheme of Physical Education Paper 2015 CBSE

Marking Scheme

Question paper consists of 26 questions.

All questions are compulsory :

01 Mark question must be answered in 10-20 words.
03 Marks question must be answered in 30-50 words.
05 Marks question must be answered in 75-100 words.

Latest Syllabus of Physical Education 2014-2015 CBSE


CLASS XII (2014-15)
Max. Marks 70

Unit–I: Sports Environment and Society 11 Periods

Meaning and need of sports environment
Essential elements of positive sports environment
Role of individual in improvement of sports environment
Role of Spectators and media in creating positive sports environment
Women participation – As discourse and Ideology

Unit–II: Adventure Sports and Leadership Training 11 Periods

Meaning and objectives of Adventure Sports
Types of activities – Camping, Rock Climbing, Tracking, River Rafting and Mountaineering
Material requirement and safety measures
Identification and use of Natural Resources
Conservation of environment
Creating leaders through Physical Education

Unit–III: Sports and Nutrition 11 Periods

Balanced Diet and Nutrition: Macro and Micro Nutrients
Nutritive and Non-Nutritive Components of Diet
Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa and Bulemia
Effects of Diet on Performance
Eating for Weight Control – A Healthy weight, The pitfalls of Dieting, food intolerance and food myths

Unit–IV: Planning in Sports 11 Periods

Meaning and Objectives of Planning
Various Committees and its responsibilities
Tournament – Knock-Out, League or Round Robin and Combination
Procedure to draw Fixtures – Knock-Out (Bye and Seeding) and League (Staircase and Cyclic)
Intramural and Extramural – Meaning, Objectives and its Significance
Specific Sports Programme (Sports Day, Health Run, Run for Fun, Run for Specific Cause and Run for Unity)

Unit–V: Postures 11 Periods

Meaning and concept of correct postures – standing and sitting 371
Advantages of correct posture
Common Postural Deformities – Knock Knee; Flat Foot; Round Shoulders; Lordosis, Kyphosis, Bow Legs and Scolioses
Physical activities as corrective measures

Unit–VI: Children and Sports 08 Periods

Motor development in children
Factors affecting motor development
Physical and Physiological benefits of exercise on children
Advantages and disadvantages of weight training and food supplement for children
􀂃Activities and quality of life

Unit–VII: Test and Measurement in Sports 14 Periods

Measurement of Muscular Strength – Kraus Weber Test
Motor Fitness Test – AAPHER
Measurement of Cardio Vascular Fitness – Harward Step Test/Rockfort Test
Measurement of Flexibility – Sit and Reach Test
Rikli and Jones – Senior Citizen Fitness Test
1. Chair Stand test for lower body strength
2. Arm Curl test for upper body strength
3. Chair Sit and Reach test for lower body flexibility
4. Back Scratch test for upper body flexibility
5. Eight Foot Up and Go test for agility
6. Six minute walk test for Aerobic Endurance

Unit–VIII: Physiology and Sports 11 Periods

Physiological factor determining component of Physical Fitness
Effect of exercise on Cardio Vascular System
Effect of exercise on Respiratory System
Effect of exercise on Circulatory System
Physiological changes due to ageing and role of regular exercise on ageing process

Unit–IX: Biomechanics and Sports 11 Periods

Projectile and factors affecting Projectile Trajectory
Angular and Linear Movements
Introduction to Work, Power and Energy 372
Mechanical Analysis of Walking and Running

Unit–X: Psychology and Sports 11 Periods

Understanding stress, anxiety and its management
Coping Strategies – Problem Focused and Emotional focused
Personality, its dimensions and types; Role of sports in personality development
Motivation, its type and technique
Self-esteem and Body image

Unit–XI: Training in Sports 10 Periods

Strength – Definition, types and methods of improving strength – Isometric, Isotonic and Isokinetic
Endurance – Definition, types and methods to develop Endurance – Continuous Training, Interval
Training and Fartlek Training
Speed – Definition, types and methods to develop speed – Acceleration run and pace run
Flexibility – Definition, types and methods to improve flexibility
Coordinative abilities – Definition and types

Important Information about Class 12 Mathematics Paper of 2015 by CBSE

Important Information

The CBSE class XII mathematics paper was held on 18th March 2015. The feedback received from various stakeholders including students, subject teachers, examiners will be placed before the committee of subject experts before finalising the marking scheme to be followed for evaluation. All possible efforts will be made to protect the interest of the students.

Click here to See PDF…..

Admission forms of Colleges and Universities 2015-2016

For Engineering -:

1. SRM University (For B.Tech, M.tech and many more)


There are three modes of registration.

i. Online with e-payment / Unique Voucher Code.
Use the URL: http://admissions.srmuniv.ac.in/admissions_india/home  register and pay online / use prepaid Unique Voucher Code.

ii. Online with Demand Draft
Application to be filled online by visiting http://www.srmuniv.ac.in/admissions and the same can be downloaded and sent to us with the DD for `900/- drawn in favour of SRMIST, payable at Chennai.  This has to reach us before the last date specified. Candidates should write their name and address on the reverse of DD. Your application will be processed only upon receipt of the DD.

iii.  Application from Designated Sale Outlets
Obtain the application form from designated sale outlets of Post office, Axis Bank, City Union Bank and Indian Bank or SRM University campuses , SRM University Haryana and SRM University Sikkim. Cost of application form is Rs.900/-

2. VIT University
last date for applying VITEEE-2015 is closed

last date for applying VITEEE-2015 is closed

More number of colleges will be updated soon…..


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