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Question Bank of Chemistry for Class 12 CBSE Board 2015

A huge collection of chemistry question for class 12 CBSE board for 2015 Board Exams

Q.1 Why is Frenkel defect defect not found in pure alkali metal halides?
Q.2 Although Si is an insulator, then how does it behave as semiconductor upon heating ?
Q.3 In the mineral ‘Spinel’ having the formula MgAl O2 4, oxide ions are in ccp arrangement,
 (a) What percentage of tetrahedral void is occupied by 2 Mg + ions?
 (b) What percentage of octahedral void is occupied by 3 Al + ions ?
If you want more question…….
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…ALL the best for CBSE BOARD EXAMS 2015.

Rosenmund Reaction

  • The Rosenmund Reduction is a hydrogenation process in which an acyl chloride is selectively reduced to an aldehyde. 
  • The reaction is catalysed by palladium on barium sulphate.

Rosenmund Reaction
Rosenmund Reaction

Carbylamine Reaction

Primary amine (both aliphatic and aromatic) when warmed with chloroform and alcoholic KOH, gives isocyanides (carbylamines). This is called carbylamine reaction. Carbylamines has an offensive smell. This reaction is answered only by primary amine and hence to distinguish primary amine from other classes of amines.
R-NH2  +  CHCl3  +  3KOH  ———>  RNC (carbylamine) +  3KCl + 3H2O
carbylamine reaction