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Question Bank of physics for Class 12 CBSE Board 2015

A huge collection of physics question for class 12 CBSE board for 2015 Board Exams


1. Where the energy of capacitor does resides?
2. Do electrons tend to go to region of low or high potential?
3. What is the net charge on the charged capacitor?
4. A Gaussian surface encloses an electric dipole within it. What is the total flux across
If you want more question…….
Please CLICK HERE to download full pdf of HUGE Collection of Questions.\

…ALL the best for CBSE BOARD EXAMS 2015.

Topics which has been deleted from Physics Syllabus Class 12th 2015

Some topics has been deleted and some topics has been added so please take a look here for these topics -:

Deleted Topics (dont study them) -:
Transistor as an oscillator, transistor as switch, atomic masses, isotopes,isobars,isotones,human eye, Image formation and accomodation, correction of eye defects, van de graaff generator.
Added Topics -:
Basic Ideas about Internet, Mobile Telephony, Global Positioning System (GPS).
Download Added Topics PDF by clicking here.

New Topics are included in CBSE Board 2015 for Class 12th Physics

Supplementary Material on Additional Sub-Topics included in Class XII Physics Theory Syllabus in the Chapter on Communication Systems for March – 2015 Examination
A. Internet
B. Mobile Telephony
C. Global Positioning System

You can Download these topics by click here
Note : 
  • As per the new syllabus notified by CBSE in June 2014. Some new topics have been added to class-12 Physics in the chapter Communication Systems. The new topics are not given in NCERT text book for physics. CBSE has issued a separate study material for these new topics. Students are advised to go through the new Supplementary Material for Class-12 Physics Here.